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Minor Adaptations

We carry out


  • Minor Adaptations

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Locksmith

  • Handyman

  • General Maintenance


Minor Adaptations are works that can be carried out in your home without the need for any structural changes. They are intended to increase the safety, independence and confidence in carrying out every day activities such as accessing and moving around in your home and garden, having a shower or a bath, and similar.


Some examples of minor adaptation works are:


  • ​Fitting internal grab rails & stair hand rails

  • Fitting external grab rails such as door entrace support rail

  • Fitting external galvanised rails

  • Half step to doors

  • Staircase applications for Visual Impairment needs

  • Flashing and vibrating door bells and smoke alarm alerts for Hearing Impairment Needs

  • Fitting door entry intercom

  • Fitting kitchen / bathroom lever taps

  • Fitting door and wall protectors

  • Easy lock and key turner


Our Handyman, Repair & Home Improvement Services can make your life that much easier by sorting out problems from a leaking tap to a broken fence panel.


Small Repairs - putting up curtain rails, shelves and pictures

Safety Measures - fitting internal and external grab rails, fitting smoke and carbon monoxide detectors


Home Security - door and window locks, door chains and door viewers


Energy Efficiency Checks - fitting draught excluders, energy efficient light bulbs


We offer great service and take pride in the work we do.


­All work carried out is completed to the highest standard.


We are CRB / DBS checked


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Minor Adaptations