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If left untreated....


Mould can trigger asthma attacks!


Mould can cause allergic reactions!


Mould can cause sinus infections!


Mould can make you more susceptible to colds and flu!

We specialise in mould removal either by treatment or by identifying the cause and giving you advice on how to keep you homes mould free.


We are highly trained and have been successfully dealing with mould problems throughout Sussex for over 11 years.


In most cases once we have treated the area as long as maintenance of future mould spores is contained the mould infestation will be stopped in its tracks.

For landlords mould can be nuisance, and letting a property with mould could cause a few problems for you.


You may not be able to let or re-let the property due to the unsightly mould stains.


Equally if you try to sell the property, potential buyers might think that there is a damp problem when all you have is a property with mould contamination and not damp.


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­Ignoring the problem is unwise


Mould represents a health hazard


Mould can cause numerous health problems


Mould must be treated properly


Let's get serious about mould!


Treatments can start from as little as £35.00 depending on location and size of the mould infestation.